Kindergarten – Nursery

Here, the children are introduced to concept of learning by doing and developing good understanding of thing around them by feeling them. Learning Becomes lot of fun by doing fun filled activities under the able supervision of experienced and qualified teachers.

Primary (class I to V)

Class I to V makes the junior level for CBSE affiliated Universal College. The Kids, at this age, have just started understanding the life around. We at Universal College, Try and make genuine effort that ensure the kid is thinking in right ways.

Secondary Education (VI to VIII)

Class VI to VIII make the secondary wing of Universal College. Ee Help the student to free themselves from misconception, if there are any since in this stage their minds are filled with doubts, A part from the academic, students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities likes sports, inter-house and inter-school competitions.

The Staff

Well Experienced, trained and groomed faculty from all over India train the students to make all dreams possible at Universal College.

Our Curriculum

We follow CBSE pattern of instruction from Play Group to Class VIII.