Student seeking admission should apply in the prescribed from available at the school office. The date of registration is notified in the leading local newspaper and school notice board. The process of admission to various classes begins with registration form. It can on payment of fixed fee. These forms are to be submitted after duly filled. The registered candidates will be called for an admission test and interview (according to RTE 2009 guideline).

The candidates who qualify in the test will be admitted to the class for which they have applied or found fit. The decision of the principal will be final. Children with age 3+ on 31st march of the current year are admitted to K.G class. Admission for other classes will be done by selection through a test cum-interview or T.C. to ensure the childs fitness for the class to be submitted.

Required Documents
1. Birth certificate (Issued by competent authority approved by municipal committee) or Aadhar Card.
2. Transfer certificate (where applicable).
3. Three passport size photograph of student. 1 passport size photo of each parent & local guardian if applicable.
4. Migration certificate ( As per class & board requirement ).
5. Passport size photograph of father, mother & local guardian (Only these persons are allowed to meet or take student from school campus).

The admission process is designed to enroll students of the highest promise, while assuring a wide diversity of background and aptitudes with in the student potentiality.

Please fill the form below to make admission inquiry and we’ll reach back to you,

We firmly believe that your physical presence and interaction with people are worth far more than any other form of Karma Yoga. Therefore, we always recommend and do appreciate if you could drop by our premises. The details are as follows,

Iglas-Hathras Road, Iglas, Distt – Aligarh (UP) 202124

Phone Number: +91-9873276000
Principal Mobile Number: +91-9389465673
School Administration Mobile Number: +91-8630092874
Office Contact Number: +91-7088450011, 7088450022
Transport Contact Number: +91-7088450033

Email Address:

The nurturing and cheerful atmosphere that is like an invisible force and the love that grows around you in form of motherly care given by teacher. Ours is a happy school that believe in child-centered education. Abode of Happiness;”A home away from home.”

  1. A Fair Homework Concept: In one hour after regular study those student who want to stay back have the facilities to complete their Homework in school only.
  2. No daily carrying load of books: In the school children are provided with individual lockers (Play Group to Class II)
  3. Integration of technology in the curriculum: The school management proudly announces the integration SMART CLASS concept. What make us unique accessibility of computers from Play Group to Class VIII.
  4. Getting parents involved: For this purpose a parent representative from each class is selected to represent and coordinate the parents and teacher efforts for the groeth of students.

Affiliation : The school is affiliated to CBSE examination New Delhi.

Campus & Location : Univerdal College is Located at Tehsil Iglas, District Aligarh in serene atmosphere and peaceful surroundings.

Infrastructure Building

The building of Universal college is an architectural gem, which all Iglas residents can be proud of.

The beautiful dome at the top can be viewed from a distance and is landmark of the Iglas landscape. It is not another claustrophobic peace where knowledge is found within narrow wall but a building that is one with the awe inspiring landscape all around.

Transport Facility

The school offers transport facilities for students for easily reaching school. Buses and van run on time with speed much lower to ensure safety of students.

School should be a place where all needs of the students and parents are looked after Universal College is a place where a team of qualified and well trained teachers, under the able guidance of Principal from morning 8.30 am to 2.30 pm look after and cater to all the needs of the children.

Normal school working are 8.30 am to 2.30pm.

UNIQUE CONCEPT – Students who wish to stay back and complete their homework can do so till 3.30pm under the guidance of teachers.( optional).

Extra Curricular

Apart from the shining academic brilliance, Universal College Iglas intends to helps its students to emerge all rounder. The school is well equipped with fully stocked sports and games equipment to actively engage the students in sport like Basket Ball, Cricket, Football Table Tennis, Swimming and also indoor games.


Debates, Declamation, Extempore speech, Essay writing, Drawing and painting competitions are scheduled regularly to instill the competitive spirit in the student, The students are encouraged to actively participate in inter house competitions and inter school competition.


The school library stocks with adequate number of books on diverse topics and subjects which are easily accessible to the students. The vibrant library helps the children to upgrade and update their knowledge and to reinforce their school learning.

Music Room

The facilities in the Music Room consist of class sets of instruments. Additional instruments include African drums, drum boxes, keyboards and a drum kit. Students in upper Primary School are encouraged to play their orchestral instrument in class lessons.


The school has an audio visual hall with acoustics for an enjoyable audio visual experience. It is equipped with LCD projector, latest light & sound system and a stage to cater to the performances.

Smart Classroom

In order to best facilitate learning, we offer smart classrooms that use audio-visual methods of engaging students with their lessons. Our smart classes are equipped with latest innovative technology including LCD projectors and Interactive Digital.

Indoor Sports Complex

Considering challenging sports activities to be the driving force for healthy minds the school has incorporated the thrill of wall climbing activity.

Rooftop Skating

We are the pioneers to bring forth the thrill of experiencing skating on the roof top. The schools infrastructure includes an internationally designed Roof-top skating rink with tensile roof.

Lawn Tennis & Basketball Court

The school has a well-lit and centrally located lawn tennis hard court, helping the students to learn professionalism. The Day & Night Basketball court of international standards provides.


Equipped with a full fledged primary health care center yoga center, the school ensures that students are in the best state of physical and mental state.

The Universal College, Iglas, Aligarh was established by Universal Trust for imparting learning  by doing and research facilities in different discipline of Education, to meet the growing demand of globalization of education from Play Group to VIII. Universal College was started on Monday, 10th April 2017, by The Hon’ble Director Mukul Upadhyay Ex- (M.L.A & M.L.C).

The College is situated in the heart of  the City of Iglas, on Iglas to Hathras Road near Tehsil compound in pollution free location surrounded by lush green fields. It is located hardly 100 Meters from main bus stand, Iglas, Aligarh.

Universal College is a premier English Medium Co-Educational School situated in Iglas. Its spread over a wide Campus of 11 acres and is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi.

The building of Universal college is an architectural gem, which all Iglas residents can be proud of. The beautiful dome at the top can be viewed from a distance and is landmark of the Iglas landscape. It is not another claustrophobic peace where knowledge is found within narrow wall but a building that is one with the awe inspiring landscape all around. The school like second home to the kids. After a child enters the world of schooling, the child expects a good environment. Within the four walls of the classroom, students explore the world outside it. It is the school environment and infrastructure that impacts a children upbringing to a large extent.

The aim of the school is to impart special knowledge and skill and develop in the students a refined outlook with utmost discipline and profound dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. We consider imparting education as a service hence you find it extremely affordable. We consider imparting education more as a social-service hence students from all class of society can affordable studying at Universal College, Iglas.

The school has adopted English as its medium of instruction in the sphere of teaching as well as spoken and written communication. The school makes it is mandatory to use English as medium of communication for the students and teachers.

Universal College, Iglas believe that every student on its campus must be exposed to the best learning pedagogues. Thus we ignite their minds to become skillful and confident which will further empower these students to be successful in life and achieve high standards in whatever they may choose to do.

  1. Comprehensive education for holistic development of individual personality with a humane touch and global outlook.
  2. A non judgmental environment which nurtures, motivates and stimulates development of mind.
  3. An emphasis on essential life skills including social, research, innovation, communication and self-management skills.
  4. We appreciate that each learner’s mind is unique and needs to be nurtured with care. Our curriculum caters to the individual needs of budding scientists, industrialists, players and artists. The academics in Universal College, Iglas are designed such as to create tomorrow’s global citizes. With the blending of the traditional chalk & talk method and latest technology, we impart education to children which emphasizes not what to learn.

Additionally the school has facilities like E- education, Wifi campus, Bus service, Hobbies and activities, Horse riding, Best teacher, Foreign language, AC computer lab, Computerized library, Health and hygiene, Large play Ground, Yoga classes, Monthy seminar.