The nurturing and cheerful atmosphere that is like an invisible force and the love that grows around you in form of motherly care given by teacher. Ours is a happy school that believe in child-centered education. Abode of Happiness;”A home away from home.”

  1. A Fair Homework Concept: In one hour after regular stuy those student who want to stay back have the facilities to complete their Homework in school only.
  2. No daily carrying load of books: In the school children are provided with individual lockers (Play Group to Class II)
  3. Integration of technology in the curriculum: The school management proudly announces the integration SMART CLASS concept. What make us unique accessibility of computers from Play Group to Class VIII.
  4. Getting parents involved: For this purpose a parent representative from each class is selected to represent and coordinate the parents and teacher efforts for the groeth of students.

Affiliation : The school is affiliated to CBSE examination New Delhi.

Campus & Location : Univerdal College is Located at Tehsil Iglas, District Aligarh in serene atmosphere and peaceful surroundings.

Infrastructure Building

The building of Universal college is an architectural gem, which all iglas residents can be proud of.

The beautiful dome at the top can be viewed from a distance and is landmark of the iglas landscape. It is not another claustrophobic peace where knowledge is found within narrow wall but a building that is one with the awe inspiring landscape all around.

School Timings

School should be a place where all needs of the students and parents are looked after Universal College is a place where a team of qualified and well trained teachers, under the able guidance of Principal from morning 8.30 am to 2.30 pm look after and cater to all the needs of the children.

Normal school working are 8.30 am to 2.30pm.

UNIQUE CONCEPT – Students who wish to stay back and complete their homework can do so till 3.30pm under the guidance of teachers.( optional).

Extra Curricular

Apart from the shining academic brilliance, Universal College iglas intends to helps its students to emerge all rounder. The school is well equipped with fully stocked sports and games equipment to actively engage the students in sport like Basket Ball, Cricket, Football Table Tennis, Swimming and also indoor games.


Debates, Declamation, Extempore speech, Essay writing, Drawing and painting competitions are scheduled regularly to instill the competitive spirit in the student, The students are encouraged to actively participate in inter house competitions and inter school competition.

Swimming Pool  

As an alternative to everyday fun, swimming pool has been created for the students, with trained instructors the students are sure to enjoy the poolside.


Equipped with a full fledged primary health care center yoga center, the school ensures that students are in the best state of physical and mental state.